TVs: Which big-screen should rule your home theater?

Tv and Projector

If you have been thinking of buying an HDTV projector instead of an LCD HD TV, there is something to know. HDTV projectors are taking over the market! We all know HD TV projectors are a technology from the movie theater industry, but today it is fully possible to create your own home cinema with a home theater projector.

HDTV projectors

They are taking over the market and for many good reasons. If we think about projectors HD TV, we will find that they are either in cinemas or as home cinemas with the very wealthy. However, the truth is that projectors with high definition can be purchased for less than a reasonable sized LCD HD TV set.

Pros and cons of projectors

Projectors can be used for many different purposes – for home use, office presentations and for business sales. HDTV projectors serve to make the benefits of HD programming more obvious.

High definition projectors have higher resolutions than regular projectors. Choose HDTV projectors to receive enhanced features and components to transform your ordinary viewing environment into a magnificent atmosphere.

The available projectors today, have 720p for reasonable prices. The 1080p projectors are still very expensive. As time goes by, the prices for 1080p will go down. And by the time you read this, the prices for 1080p HD projectors should be at very attractive prices.

You can use the projectors with high definition for a number of purposes. If you have had thoughts of projectors such as those in school or in a library, you would be wrong! Today’s projectors are totally different and are amazing in the quality of picture they can present.

What is more, the projectors available today with high definition, allow you to connect your PC, your DVD, and even your PlayStation to the HD projector. The result is that you can use it for many different uses.

HD projectors also have some disadvantages, although as the technology improves these are becoming less and less relevant. The biggest problem is with having light enter the room. Soon as Sun rays hit where the image is being projected, it can cause problems with viewing. However, technology keeps changing and is making these problems become irrelevant.

An essential purchase is to buy a projector screen, which will make the image much better. Nevertheless, most projectors produce beautiful pictures at sizes of 90″ to 120”, which is far bigger than TVs.

All about TVs

Buying a new TV is never a bad idea; it feels like every year there is a new technology available that improves the home viewing experience. One of the most popular choices is now the LCD TV models. These use the latest innovations to offer a television that is incredibly thin while also having a high-resolution flat screen. The sizes of the models can vary to suit every home.

The reason why these TVs are so unique is that they use an LCD or liquid crystal display. Such a system incorporates 1000s of LCD pixels which are lit by small electric charges. The result of this technology is a display that produces clear crisp images with perfect shades and colors.

The quality of TVs has increased dramatically over the last ten years. Many people still have old CRT models in their homes. If you have never watched an LCD TV before you will be amazed, it is a completely different experience. The resolutions are far greater; they start from 1280×720 and can be as much as’20×1080 on the forty inch LCD TV. If you are a movie fan then there is no better experience than watching a Blu-Ray disc or HD DVD on a large screen LCD TV.

Another great aspect about LCD TVs is their style. A lot of thought has gone into their design. It is important to find the right model that fits your home. There are many options available in differing sizes and designs that will not look out of place in any room.

Their flatness also means that very little space is required, not like with older sets that could take up a lot of areas.

The fact that the screen is completely flat also means more people can comfortably sit together to watch a movie or a sporting event without having to cram directly in front of the screen. You can get a clear picture from most angles. As the quality of the TV programs and movies that we watch increases then so should the TVs we use to watch them.

These days the best place to research and shop for the latest TVs is online. On the internet, you can easily compare the latest prices and specifications of LCD TVs and find the best one for your requirements.

To conclude, Imagine you can buy a good projector HDTV for around $1,000. And the result is that you have a television the size of over 90″. That is amazing, and no television whether with high definition or any other technology will offer such a great screen size for such money.

Five Automatic cat feeders in 2017

Do you have a pet? Do you love your pet enough to make sure that they are always fed? Pets get hungry too and they need depend on us for food. The problem is, with the everyday hustles, we barely have enough time to attend to them. Owning a starving pet is irresponsible and unkind.
If you are one of the people who keep on forgetting or have cats with irregular eating habits, there is only one way out; automatic cat feeders.
The automatic cat feeder you pick mainly depends on your price range, design and general quality. We have listed them, taking prime consideration in the price-performance ratio. This way, there will be food for your cat and value for your money!
1. Cat Mate C300

Cat Mate C300
The C300 is an automatic cat feeder that has an outstanding difference from the rest. Why?

  • It has a mechanism that guarantees that your pet will be able to get the exact amount of food set. Let’s say you want your cat to get 15 grams; just select any weight higher than 15 grams to drop out of the nozzle on a regular basis.
  • The nozzle is tamper proof so that your pet won’t be able to access the food until the set time
  • The container can hold 3kilograms of dry food. (C3000 isn’t made for wet foods)
  • It has batteries that will last up to 9 months.
  • ‘Frequent mode,’ allowing you to set the total amount of food to be released for the day at regular intervals.
  • Its parts are easy to wash.

It has relatively unclear instructions that may make assembling the feeder a bit difficult.
2. Cat Mate C50

Cat Mate C50
This is a relatively large electronic feeder with notable features like:

  • It is resonably priced
  • Five compartments of which only four can be sealed at a time.
  • Each compartment can hold 300 grams
  • Both dry and wet foods can apply
  • There are two ice packs within the base to help preserve the food
  • It can function for up to 4 consecutive days.
  • The lid and the bowl can be easily removed and cleaned

3. PetSafe 5 Meal
This is a 5-compartment cat feeder. That has the following features:

  • It can be used by both cats and dogs
  • The design makes use of the small-food-regular-servings concept
  • Each compartment holds 230 grams of dry food. If you want to add wet food, put a pack of ice at the bottom.

4. Cat Mate C20 with Ice Pack
Awesome for its convenience and ease of use.

  • Extremely affordable
  • Works for small dogs
  • Two- compartments with an ice pack at the base
  • Each compartment can hold 450 grams of wet or dry food
  • Can last up to 48 hours on its own batteries

5.SureFeed Microchip
This is the only feeder with an integrated microchip feature on this list.

  • It detects the pet’s microchip and opens accordingly.
  • The sealed bowl allows both wet and dry foods
  • The batteries go for up to 6 months after which they will need to be replaced.

Buying Guide For Halogen Ovens

halogen-ovenHalogen ovens are easy to use, and they are must gentler with the environment when you use them. You need to make a choice that works in your home, and you want to pick the oven that is also the right price. You cannot afford to waste your time and money on an oven that does not do anything for you, you should find a company to sell you an oven that is the right style and price.

How Big Is It?

The halogen oven you buy needs to be the right size for your house, but it cannot be so big that it does not fit. You can get one with two stages if that is what you want, or you can get a tiny oven that will fit in your small living space. The choice makes a difference in how you kitchen is set up, and you will find something that is the right color and style for the house. Matching everything is a lot better for you than just buying the first oven that you see.

How Do They Heat?

You need to check how it heats food because it uses a special halogen lamp to give heat in the space. It is a lot like a normal oven because the oven is operating with some heat source that just fills up the oven with the warmth that is needed to get the food cooked. You will feel comfortable using a device like this because it is so much like the regular oven that you use every day.

How Are They Installed?

Installation for the oven is important because it cannot be done unless you have a professional technician come and do the work for you. They have to hook it up and make sure the wiring works. They have to test the oven, and they need to check the heat discharge so that they can tell if it is creating enough heat in the first place. They will adjust the unit until it produces the right amount of heat, and they will show you how it works. You are given a tutorial on how to use the oven, and you will have the manual for future reference.

How Long Do They Last?

Replacing the bulbs in your device is a lot easier because you have the bulbs pulling in and out of the housing without any problem. You can buy the bulbs online, and you can have a professional install them for you. You need to decide what you can do with the bulbs when you think they are going out, and you also need to figure out if you need to get a special kind of bulb for that oven.

Everyone who wants to get a halogen oven needs to think hard about what it will do for them. The best ovens in the industry will heat anything, and they provide you with all the functionality you need from a regular oven in a smaller package.

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How to stick to your new year’s resolutions

Research by health campaigners Change4Life found that just 30% of women stick to their new year’s resolutions, with some of us lasting barely a week into January.

I want to… get fit
Gavin Walsh, personal trainer (
“So many people join a gym in January and simply hop onto the first cross trainer they see. Unfortunately this bores them to death, they soon stop going and completely give up. So the first thing you need to do is arm yourself with some fitness knowledge. Speak to a fitness professional about the best exercise methods for you. Slow, boring cardio is not the answer.

“However, exercise is not the most important part of the puzzle. Nutrition is 60% of the battle. So if you’re going to clean up your diet this January you’ll need to make sure you accept this as a lifestyle change. Otherwise you will more than likely fall off the wagon. There is a price to pay and cutting back on wine, chocolates, crisps, fizzy drinks and refined food is the cost of a leaner, sexier you in 2012.

“Go at it as if it was all out war. Give your body just 28 days in January and then go back to doing everything in moderation. If you exercise with intensity and are strict with your diet, then you will see huge results, and this will spur you on into February and beyond. To overcome the end-of-January blues, make sure you have a goal in mind and write it down. Having set goals in place helps keep you focused and, once you’ve achieved them, simply write new ones.”

I want to… lose weight
Scott Murray, personal trainer (
“With all my clients I like to know where we are starting from, where we are going and then plan our pathway on how to get there and what to do if we have to change route. It’s easy to say ‘I’m going to lose weight and exercise more’ but that’s not a plan that you can put into action. You need to know how many calories you intend to lose on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You also have to consider what you will do when faced with the pudding that you can’t resist.

“With a clear, specific plan you have more chance of success, if you commit your plans to paper and share it with your friends, family and other members of your support team you have an even greater chance of success.

“If you do commit to a diet then be sensible. By shrinking portion sizes, most of us will lose weight, so let’s go back to basics. And don’t starve yourself. Very low calorie diets are used to treat severely obese patients, who are given as little as 800 calories a day. You’re not going to be able to exercise on this amount, so just eat more and be patient!”

I want to… stop smoking
Dr Rebecca Morgan, GP
“Stopping smoking is not easy and it often takes people four or five attempts to be successful. If your resolution is to quit then the best way forward is to choose a quit date and stick to it. Whether it is January 1st, or a random date later in the year, make sure you are physically and emotionally strong enough to withstand the cravings.

“Make it easy on yourself by not picking a time when you have a lot of social events in the diary. If you need support, be sure to surround yourself with good friends who will encourage you to quit. A good back-up plan is nicotine replacement patches. Better still, there are new drugs which halt cravings, though these require a consultation with your GP or at your local stop smoking clinic.

“If you successfully conquer the cravings, then you may develop a cough, but these symptoms will pass and you will know that you have done the biggest thing possible to improve your health in the future. For more information, go to or”

I want to… stress less
Dr Felix Economakis, chartered psychologist (
To lower stress levels, and keep them there, you first need to raise activity levels, as exercise is known to work off stress. You also need to place limits and boundaries at work. For example, don’t let anyone walk into your office and take up your time unnecessarily or without a plan. Next, you need to place limits on technology use. Switch off your computer and phone when you’re not working, otherwise you’ll never be able to switch off from work. Make time for your hobbies, as these help to recharge your batteries and banish work from your thoughts. Finally, make time for relationships, as these are usually the most important thing to us.

“To make sure you actually stick to your resolution (and this doesn’t just apply to reducing stress levels), don’t overdo it with goals. Make them small and doable. So, come January, don’t try giving up all your vices in one go; do them sequentially rather than concurrently. Your system doesn’t want to feel overloaded. Change is more likely to be real if it happens gradually rather than dramatically. This will take a lot of pressure off you.

“It’s also sensible to get friends involved. Do things together, as this makes you responsible for upholding your end of the bargain. And, where possible, choose activities that you really like. You may burn more calories if you go to the gym as opposed to walking in the park, but if you hate it then you’ll soon stop going, so you might as well do something you know you will stick to.”

I want to… find love
Siski Green, author of How to Blow His Mind in Bed
“I don’t believe that you can truly ‘find’ love until you love yourself enough to feel worthy of being loved. Not only does confidence and happiness attract others, it gives you the self-respect you need to ensure you don’t just ‘make do’ with a partner who isn’t right for you.

“So if your resolution is to find love this year, start by making a list of things you love about yourself and another about things you’d like to change. Then focus your efforts on making those changes. Maybe you’d like to try a career change, learn a new language, find a different group of friends, or lose a few pounds, change your style, try a new sport. Removing the focus from ‘finding love’ not only means you’ll stop giving off that desperate vibe singletons sometimes have, it also means you’ll feel more comfortable and happy being single… which is exactly when you’re most likely to find love!

“Keeping love strong within a relationship is also based on the same principle – love and look after yourself and your partner is more likely to do the same. But it’s not all about you, obviously. According to research from Brigham Young University, couples who ‘play together stay together’. This means exploring new recreational activities together – whether that’s learning to ballroom dance or getting stuck into a game of lasertag – and also doing what you both love more regularly.”

I want to… drink less alcohol
Alison Duker, nutritionist,
“Drinking less alcohol as a new year resolution can be easier than you think if you have hit the party season hard. Often, when January swings round, people are sick of the sight of the stuff and gladly make an agreement with themselves to abstain for the next four weeks.

“However, after a week or so, if you’ve had a hard day at work or argued with your partner, it’s tempting to hit the bottle and give up giving up. This is often a trigger to keep drinking and get back into your old patterns.

“So, to keep you on the straight and narrow, spend more time with friends and family who are detoxing or drinking less; avoid pubs and restaurants that will turn their nose up if you order water; allow yourself a day off from the sobriety now and again if it’s a special occasion – just stop after a certain number of drinks; nominate yourself to be the designated driver, so you can’t drink even if you wanted to; add citrus fruit to water as this allows water to be more easily absorbed; take up a hobby which replaces trips to the pub; avoid fizzy drinks, excess caffeine from coffee and tea, which diminishes the detoxification capability of the liver and, finally, if you fall off the wagon, get back on it again”